Mallorca Vendetta

The New Face of Vengeance…

Lucas Martell was only seventeen-years-old when his life was turned upside down, and his family destroyed. At eighteen, he enlisted in the French Foreign Legion with only one wish; to become brave and strong. The Legion did more than that. They transformed him into a stone cold killer.

After surviving twelve years of every hell hole in Africa, he receives news that his father was killed in an accident in the haven of the ultra-rich, Monte Carlo; and when he returns the dark truth unfolds. He discovers that all those years ago, he and his family had been drawn into a deadly game. A game of international crime and murder, slavery, and assassins. Now he’s being drawn back into that game by the mysterious Fairhope Group, and groomed by a crusty ex-CIA operative who is old-school deadly.

Lucas has a new mission; to bring the ultimate level of vigilante justice to men who exist in a world above the law. Don’t miss this high-action thriller.

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