Our Lives Are Uncertain.

Our Destiny Unique.


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        William Jack Stephens

Where The Green Star Falls

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A gripping and inspirational novel about Fate, Destiny, and a Love so profound it will drive a man to the edge of sanity or salvation. In the mysterious river-lands of Patagonia Argentina amid the towering Andes and emerald green waters, Nicholas meets his fate head on. He will forfeit his life or become the man he was born to be.




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a little about the author..

William Jack Stephens

William Jack Stephens - Author of Where The Green Star Falls Writer, outdoorsman, adventurer. Jack has lived and explored the world from the Arctic to the southern reaches of Patagonia.  

In his previous life, he served in executive roles with some of the biggest companies in the world. He interacted with government agents, gave private industry counseling to congressional leaders, and served on committees that planned for nuclear, biological, or chemical disaster.

Jack left the corporate world in 2006, after personal tragedy and declining health, and retired with his wife to their home in South America. He was critically ill, and doctors in both hemispheres gave him little hope of recovery. He devoted himself to rewriting his own Life Story. 

Now he writes fiction. Gripping and inspirational tales of adventure and romance with frightening aspects of reality thrown in for good measure. The first in a series of novels and novellas, Where The Green Star Falls, was published in 2017. 

In South America he’s known by his Spanish nickname, Memo, and when he’s not writing, he can usually be found on a wilderness river with a fly rod in his hands. His travels, adventures and cultural exploits have been published in the Patagonia Journal online magazine since 2009.